Next Meeting

The next club meeting will be Thursday, June 16, 2016 at 8pm located at the Wall Municipal Building.  Download PDF to read more.




Field Work Day

Field work day is May 14th at 9am.  If you have the time please plan to attend and help us get the field prepared for some great summertime flying.

Opening Day

The JCRCC Opening Day event will be held at our Allaire State Park Flying Field on May 22th from 10am to 1pm. All members, families, friends, spectators and perspective members are welcome to spend the day with us. See airplanes, helicopters and quad copters go through their paces in a beautiful setting.  There will be beverages and sandwiches offered to all.

If your model aircraft is hung-up in the trees and you can't get it down, Alex Burke is a professional tree-climber.  He only uses climbing hear approved by the park service and no spikes.  His business is about 4 miles from the field.  In the past he has charged about $65-$70 for retrievel.

Burke Environmetal Landscaping
2353 Route 34
Wall Township, NJ


Jackson Hobby Shop

A Generous Supporter of JCRCC


2275 W. Count Line Roud, Jackson, NJ 08527


Please visit the website for new store hours


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