Field Day

Greetings All,

This is your friendly neighborhood Field Manager here, Brian Cramer. It is almost that time of year again when we get ready to officially open the field for another year of flying. According to the spiffy calendar on our website our “Field Day” will be on April 29th from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

For you new member, this is a day for members to volunteer some time to help make small repairs to the field in order to keep it safe and looking good. This year we have quite a few tasks that need doing, but none of them are terribly hard. Among these things are:

1) Repairing the metal framework for the sunshade over the stands and installing the sunshade. The framework is rusted and broken through in one spot. Paul Meier has bought the materials to patch it up until a more permanent fix can be applied.

2) Setting up two metal tables. I have two metal tables that I’m donating to replace that one broken down wooden one with the vice on it. I hope to have them painted and installed before field day, but if not then it’s on the list.

3) Coating the start-up benches with sealant. We already have the sealant, but if you have some cheap paint brushes, please bring them.

4) Install the new radio impound shelf and remove the old one. We plan to remove the large (and mildew-laden) radio impound shelving and replace it with a single shelf under the frequency station. Paul Meier already has the new shelf, it just needs to be installed and the old one taken apart.

5) Clean up the storage trailer. I’d like to have a few people empty out the trailer, knock the dust and mouse poo off of everything, and put it all back in the trailer in some sort of organized fashion.

6) Paint the bulletin board enclosure. Again, good old Paul has the paint ready, we just need some brushes and some hands to push them around.

7) Level the stones around the picknick benches. Unfortunately the stones have migrated and the ground now has more bald spots than the top of my head. We need to rake the little suckers back into place.

8) Anything else that needs doin’

If you can help on April 29th, please let me know. Also, if you have them, please bring tools, fasteners (nails and screws), paint brushes, gloves, heavy rakes, shovels, large trash bags, and/or anything else you think might help with the above tasks.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s support,

Brian Cramer